Equipping the people of God for cultural renewal through teaching, the arts, and media.

Chalice of Fire exists to see the world transformed by the Kingdom of God.

Our deepest desire is for Jesus to be glorified in every sphere of life, and we want to connect the reality of the Gospel to the life of the world through teaching, through music, and through digital media. God is the architect and builder of his Kingdom, and we are dedicated to seeing more of it realized in the lives of his people and in the world he has redeemed in his Son.

It’s quite possible that I have learned more about Scripture and theology in this one Bible study than thirty plus years of other studies combined.”
— Adam
For the first time, I’ve been able to study Hebrews from a covenant theology perspective and in its historical context; and it’s finally making sense to me.”
— Laura

Downe in Yon Forrest: Christmas from the Middle Ages, which aired nationally on PBS.

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