The Chalice of Fire Team

Kemper Crabb

Kemper is both an artist and an ordained minister (in the Community of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC)). He has been a pioneer in contemporary Christian music and a highly sought-after teacher. Kemper combines a warm and engaging demeanor with theological acumen, a deep love of Jesus and His Church, and an intense desire to see people grow in their faith and become effective agents for the Kingdom of God. Kemper is truly an extraordinary man, and those whose lives he has touched will never be the same.

Ryan Birsinger

Ryan is a world-class recording engineer, and has worked with numbers of nationally-renowned musical artists, in both the mainstream and contemporary Christian marketplaces. An accomplished musician in his own right, he plays bass, Chapman Stick, and bowed psaltery. Ryan also sings backing vocals in Kemper’s accompanying Mysterium group, as well as in Atomic Opera and the worship group, the Cult of the Incarnation. He functions as the recording engineer and editor for Kemper’s recorded teachings, and teaches college-level recording classes at Houston Community College, as well as English and History at a Classical-education school. 

Chuck Dotson

Chuck is a seminary graduate who has, for most of his adult life, worked with film, animation, and the graphic arts. He has served as Director of Media as a church staffer, and worked with churches in presenting cogent and beautiful media productions. He directed Kemper’s Downe In Yon Forrest: A Medieval Christmas, which was a national PBS special seen by millions of people across the United States. Chuck oversees and produces Chalice of Fire’s visual efforts.